About Skyservices UK

SkyServicesUK staff have over 30 years experience in the timeshare and resale sector and are leaders in the industry. If you want to sell a timeshare we can provide you with the perfect solution. We do not take fees up front, nor do we promise you inflated prices to attract your custom. We do not scam people or make unfounded promises, but, offer legal solutions to those timeshare owners who are caught up in the "timeshare trap".

How do we make our money?

You want to Sell your Timeshare, Simple we match a corporate buyer to a Timeshare seller and the corporate buyer provides us with a finders fee. The Timeshare seller pays nothing.

Selling your Timeshare

You can register your timeshare with us for free. We currently allow our clients (sellers) to work directly with Buyers timeshare has for too long been associated with Scams and Rip offs but our experience has proven that Timeshare owners respond to trust with honesty. On completion of the sales we invoice our client (The Seller) for a commission (see terms and conditions)