Timeshare Scams

SkyServicesUK prides itself in offering genuine solutions to timeshare owners resale problems. However, many timeshare owners have already lost thousands of pounds to bogus timeshare resale companies and bought into bogus holiday club memberships, on the basis of false promises.

The owner of a timeshare receives an unsolicited telephone call by a bogus timeshare resale company which claims that a ‘definite buyer’ have been found for their timeshare and that an above market offer has been made to buy it. The Owners are first tricked into making an upfront payment of several hundred pounds (can be over a thousand), to cover so-called ‘administration costs’ or ‘land registry charges’ but then the ‘definite buyer’ falls through. The owner then finds out the fees are not refundable and the Fees were for (marketing, administration etc,).

The owner can also be invited to attend a meeting with another buyer, to discuss their offer. Often these meetings take place abroad, most commonly in a Spanish resort or other holiday destination where the consumer is made to sit through a high pressure sales presentation often lasting several hours. They will be offered membership of a bogus “holiday club” in exchange for their timeshare plus an additional payment of several thousand pounds.

Timeshare owners should be extremely wary if they receive an unsolicited approach by a company claiming to be able to sell their timeshare who:

  • Requests an up-front fee such as an administration fee, VAT, land registry charge or insurance cover.
  • Offers an unrealistic purchase price – often higher than the original purchase price.
  • Asks you to go abroad to complete a sale.

Do Not Trade into Holiday clubs – These have no asset base and exist outside the protection of timeshare regulations.

Never, Never part with any money Upfront !