Advertise / rent

We have a world leader in the Vacation marketing Industry.
Our goal is to help potential purchasers or renters find the perfect vacation property to fit their needs.
Our client is a world leader in vacation property advetising.
Advertising in the Sabre Travel Information Network gives over 56,000 Travel Agents access to rental information for interested travelers.

Direct Mail:

We contact potential buyers and renters weekly through our direct mail program.
We tarket existing timeshare owners.
Many people who already own timeshare are interested in renting additional weeks to meet their vacation needs.
Upon receiving these mailers,they also refer us to their friends and family who may be interested in renting timeshare.


We advertise for timeshare renters in up to 1500 newspapers across the USA and Canada, including USA Today and USA Today International, which reaches 54 coutries world wide.
Our Classified Newspaper Advertising reaches an estimated total circulation of over 25 Million people worldwide!

America's number one rental agency since 1986.

Official UK agent.

We charge $599 = GBP 375, no matter how many weeks, points or resorts, that an individual owns and there are no other charges.....ever!
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