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SkyServicesUK is a leading marketing agency specialising in helping timeshare owners sell their timeshares. Based in Birmingham, we provide a professional service on behalf of a large corporate client. Our client has helped hundreds of people escape the timeshare trap and freed them from:

Unwanted timeshare or points

Increasing maintenance fees

Unwanted calls or solicitations

Annual fee arrears

However, we understand that many people, having spent years trying to sell in this difficult market, find that they have spent thousands of pounds and achieved no success. Understandably this leaves them feeling frustrated and very sceptical of any positive suggestions regarding the disposal of their timeshare. Following a brief phone discussion of your situation, if our client is interested, you will be invited to an appointment. During this appointment, subject to an initial confirmation of your circumstances, you will be made an unconditional cash offer for your timeshare. We would also like to take the opportunity to present to you a unique alternative solution which will maximise the financial return for your timeshare. We pride ourselves in having developed a hassle free service to provide you with the best possible opportunity to successfully sell your timeshare without the usual problems that plague the industry. Starting from the first moment of contact from our well-trained, professional and polite staff, we will ensure that you fully understand all aspects of our service. There are no obligations attached; only plain speaking good advice. Nor will we ask for money to introduce you to our client. The process of sale from start to finish is a quick and designed to ensure you get the best possible result from the sale of your timeshare. But as most of our clients ask how long this takes I have included a brief overview which should give you an idea what to expect.

By Phone

  • We take the details regarding your timeshare. i.e. unit size, resort, week number etc.
  • We pass these details to our client (UK based).

Face to Face.

  • Following the meeting if you accept their offer, you leave the meeting with your title deeds
  • The client then carries out a background security check on the property. This takes an average of 4-6 weeks to process.
  • You will receive any agreed payment after the background security checks have been completed.
  • Once the payment is received, the ownership documents are transferred.

Unlike the majority of companies who “claim” to be able to sell timeshare properties, we can guarantee that if invited for an appointment with our clients you WILL receive a genuine and realistic offer for your timeshare. Unlike these other companies we will never ask you for marketing fees or “signs of good faith” to ensure you attend an appointment (please avoid all such companies – see our section on Scams). We are simply putting you in contact with a company who can and will release you from your timeshare obligations for a genuine and realistic price. We do not see why you should pay to attend an appointment so you can sell your own timeshare. All we ask is for an hour of your time and show you how you can dispose of an unwanted and often expensive commodity. With our dedicated and experienced staff we can provide a first rate service and provide the best possible advice to any query regarding your property.Finally we would like to reassure you that any cash offer made for your timeshare is not conditional on any other transaction being entered into.